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Dinosaur and girl with dino balloon

Experience iconic dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period 66 million years ago at the ʻImiloa Astronomy Center. The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo’s ʻImiloa is hosting Expedition Dinosaur: Rise of the Mammals, through March 27. The fully interactive exhibit is accompanied by a new special planetarium program, Dinosaurs of Antarctica.

Nalala is the Hawaiian word for dinosaur
Nalala is the Hawaiian word for dinosaur

The exhibition, developed by Stage Nine Exhibits, focuses on the day before and the years following the massive extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. With lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, visitors will see everything from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ankylosaurus to Edmontosurus. Interactive features of the exhibit include a fossil scanner, asteroid experience, jeep explorer activity and more. Visitors will also learn about the asteroid impact that changed the world forever and discover the rise of mammals in the aftermath and recovery of Earth’s ecosystem.

“Having recently reopened half a year ago, we’re really thrilled to be able to offer this exciting exhibit, one of great interest to our island’s keiki and ʻohana, in a safe environment,” said Kaʻiu Kimura, executive director at ʻImiloa. “In light of the global pandemic, we believe that this traveling exhibit will provide a fun and engaging experience that will bring joy and great educational opportunity to our community amidst the stress and fatigue that COVID-19 has induced.”

Dinosaurs of Antarctica

During the exhibit’s presentation, ʻImiloa is also unveiling a planetarium program that whisks visitors into ancient times, when dinosaurs and other creatures roamed freely. Today, Antarctica holds evidence of that world, frozen beneath its ice and snow. As the climate changes again, melting Antarctic ice is allowing scientists to discover the remains of the past—including the fossils of those distinctive creatures. Viewers will meet the newest dinosaurs, such as Cryolophosaurus, and other creatures in the film—as well as the dedicated scientists who explore the warming continent to find them.

ʻImiloa admission, safety

In keeping with the current COVID-19 health and safety protocols, admission to the special exhibit and planetarium program will be offered with a maximum of 60 guests per time block, with three daily time block periods Tuesdays through Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ʻImiloa will be closed to the public for general admission on Mondays.

Due to space limitations, timed admission tickets to this special exhibit and programs are strongly encouraged via online reservation. Walk-ups will be accommodated based on limited first-come, first-serve

Expedition Dinosaur: Rise of the Mammals is presented at ʻImiloa Astronomy Center in partnership with Bishop Museum. Proudly sponsored by KTA Super Store, where you are someone special every day.

For more on dinosaur-themed educational programming go to the ʻImiloa website.

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