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The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates April 2022 faculty and staff anniversaries.

40 years

Chang, F Healani K
Associate Specialist, UH Mānoa

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March 2022
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30 years

Dobashi, Cornel S
Painter, UH Mānoa

Izumi, Suzanne Chiemi
Procurement/Property Management Specialist, UH System

Louie, Deneen Ongais
Secretary, UH Hilo

Maglaya, Michael H
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Neves, Christine N
Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist, UH West Oʻahu

Oshiro, Marsha N
Secretary, UH Hilo

Sakamoto, Richard Y
Automotive Technician, UH Mānoa

20 years

Fagents, Sarah Ann
Researcher, UH Mānoa

Fujita, Adele Takayo
Human Resources Specialist, UH Mānoa

Fujitani, Linda Kimie
Assistant Professor, UH Maui College

Kaaloa, Rochelle Piilani Hussey
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Levine, Aaron Joseph
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Price II, Wesley W
IT Specialist, UH System

Victor, Leianna A L
Media Specialist, UH System

10 years

Burdios, Jon Anthony Reyes
Public Information Specialist, UH System

Campbell, Dane Thomas
Fiscal Specialist, UH Mānoa

Cutitta, Jacy J
Student Services Specialist, UH Mānoa

Frizzell, James E
System Administrator, UH Mānoa

Pap, Ruby Alexandra
Associate Extension Agent, UH Mānoa

Seidel, Michelle Diane
Professor, UH Mānoa

Valbuena, Kelcie Ann Y
Administrative and Fiscal Support Specialist, UH Hilo

Wee, Samantha Katelyn
Junior Specialist, UH Mānoa

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