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The University of Hawaiʻi is hosting a Virtual IT Career Fair on Friday, April 29, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. to help students explore career options in the IT sector and connect them with local employers.

The event is targeted for graduating or recently graduated students who will have the opportunity to engage online with employers recruiting for current positions in Hawaiʻi’s emerging IT industry in various skill areas, such as computer science, management information systems, data science/data analytics, geospatial, business and management, network and system administration, cybersecurity, development and integration, and project support and services.

I T Career Expo flyer

“The University of Hawaiʻi is committed to preparing our students to successfully compete for in-demand IT jobs in Hawaiʻi,” said Alan Ito, UH IT workforce development and regulated policy lead. “The need for a highly skilled IT workforce in Hawaiʻi has never been greater, and our goal for this event is to connect our graduating students with our local employers who are looking to hire for these high paying jobs.”

Research shows the demand for IT employees in Hawaiʻi exceeds the number of available individuals seeking IT jobs in the industry and continues to grow. In 2020, the IT sector in Hawaiʻi was responsible for 12,740 jobs, 3,834 hires and 894 annual job openings. (IT Workforce Needs Analysis, November 2021)

“The need for skilled IT professionals is ever-growing,” said Steve Robertson, Hawaiʻi Pacific Health executive vice president. “As a local employer, Hawaiʻi Pacific Health understands the desire for graduates to find fulfilling work here at home. We hope to be able to fill as many positions as possible with local talent so that they can achieve their career goals and add to Hawaiʻi’s workforce.”

The fair will focus on virtual one-on-one sessions with students and employers. Pre-registration is required to attend the event, and uploading your resume is encouraged.

Participating students are also invited to attend a free resume writing workshop on April 21,10–11 a.m. Registration is required.

Participating employers range from private, government and non-profit sectors. The entire list of participating employers is available on the IT Virtual Career Fair website.

The fair is also seeking employers to participate. Employers who are interested can register and find more information online. Deadline to register as an exhibitor is April 15.

For any questions about this event, contact:

Mahalo to the event sponsors: Hawaiʻi’s Sector Partnerships, Hawaiʻi Defense Alliance, CyberHawaii and the CIO Council of Hawaiʻi.

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