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Cringe Kid Kyle: The Musical

A musical about a viral meme attempting to woo his crush, and an animated short about Sun and Moon god siblings arguing over Earth were among the top student films that captured awards at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Academy for Creative Media (ACM) Awards Ceremony.

(Editor’s note: ACM will post a full list of winner in its upcoming newsletter.)

The annual event held on May 13 at the Art Auditorium honored student works ranging from best drama, comedy, documentary, animation, audience favorite and more.

“It is both encouraging and gratifying to see the work coming out of ACM,” said Laura Margulies, assistant professor of animation. “The award winning films are accomplished works that reveal our students’ immense capacities as directors, animators, sound designers and artists in many aspects of the filmmaking process. I look forward to seeing more!”

Student winners

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Poster for Araw at Gabi

Best SoundCringe Kid Kyle: The Musical, Cameron Kalei Kalaukoa

Best Documentary AwardThe Ties That Bind, Co-Directors Florence Jane Andres, Rachel Ma

Maka Maoli Award (Native Vision/Best Indigenous Film)—My Dog Has Fleas, Justin Pascua

Best Character AnimationAraw At Gabi, Jewel Racasa

Best CinematographyBird’s Eye, Jhante Iga

Best DirectingCringe Kid Kyle: The Musical, Ian Severino

Best ExperimentalBabaylan, Nathan Buendia

Best Animated Film (tie)
Araw At Gabi, Jewel Racasa
Messages, Daniel Oka

Best Drama (tie)
Embers, Justin Pascua
Reel Big Fish, Brittney Kruzel

Wāhine in Film AwardFlorence Jane Andres

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