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The Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship continues to support University of Hawaiʻi Community Colleges students’ educational and career goals. The Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship provides free in-state tuition for qualified UH community college students who need financial help to pay for college.

For eligible students, Hawaiʻi Promise provides money from UH and the State of Hawaiʻi to cover education costs—such as tuition, fees and books—that are not met by other forms of financial aid. Close to $5 million was awarded last year (school year 2021–22) to more than 2,220 students.

Student being interviewed
Angela-Marie Gandule being interviewed by HI News Now on how the Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship has helped her achieve her educational goals.

“This scholarship has helped me lessen the stress on getting a degree,” said Angela-Marie Gandule, a current student at Leeward CC. “The majority of problems of people deciding to go to college is financial. The Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship helps students, including me, achieve that goal of attending college, and possibly attaining a degree in a major I love.”

In order to be considered for the Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship this fall, students need to be a Hawaiʻi resident and qualify for in-state tuition. Students must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. They will then be notified by their campus if they are eligible for the scholarship.

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—By Lesli Yogi

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