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The University of Hawaiʻi launched a statewide marketing campaign on August 15, 2022. “There is a place for you” encourages residents—no matter their circumstances—to consider enrolling at a UH campus and pursue a higher education. The campaign also builds awareness about the 10-campus system and how it serves all of the people of Hawaiʻi.

The first 30-second ad features UH students and highlights how access to affordable, quality higher education is available on every island through UH’s 10 campuses, nine learning centers and online programs. The key message is that no matter where you find yourself in your life journey—a recent high school graduate who finished top of their class, a GED recipient, or a parent looking for a career change and more financial security—there is a place for you at UH.

UH offers an extraordinary range of programs across the state with our amazing seven community colleges that also provides workforce training programs, our two high-quality baccalaureate universities and one of the world’s great research universities,” said UH Vice President for Academic Strategy Debora Halbert. “The best way to open up new career opportunities and advancement is through higher education. Hawaiʻi residents should be proud of the fact that they have one of the best higher-education systems in the country.”

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The state benefits from a more educated citizenry as well. Individuals with higher levels of education earn more money, pay more taxes, are less likely to receive public benefits and are more likely to be employed, have health insurance and retirement plans according to years of data. They are also more likely to live a healthier lifestyle and be more involved in their children’s activities.

The campaign is scheduled to run through March 2023 on social media platforms, local television and radio stations statewide. Prospective students are encouraged to visit and start a fresh chapter in their life journey.

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