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The University of Hawaiʻi System is exploring new learning management systems (LMS) to potentially replace Laulima.

Laulima is UH’s official online collaboration and learning environment—supporting course materials, testing and communications among other services. All UH students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in reviewing the three platforms being considered.

A systemwide LMS Review Team has been formed, and will be facilitated by Gloria Niles, director of online learning for the UH System.

Three LMS platforms have been selected for review including:

  • Blackboard Learn Ultra by Anthology
  • Brightspace by D2L
  • Canvas by Instructure

All members of the UH community can participate in the review process in multiple ways by:

  • Attending vendor demonstrations synchronously via Zoom, or recorded for asynchronous viewing.
  • Attending LMS review town hall sessions offered throughout the month of February.
  • Providing feedback through the LMS forum, which will open in February.

Visit the LMS Review website to learn more about the LMS Review process, including FAQs, and specific dates, times and Zoom information for the vendor demonstrations and the town hall sessions.

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Since 2007, a version of Sakai, referred to by UH as Laulima, has been the official LMS supported by UH Information Technology Services and used across all 10 campuses of the UH System. Although it has served UH well, use of Sakai has diminished significantly throughout the last five years. Consequently, fewer developers, publishers and third-party tool vendors are working with that LMS.

There are many advantages for a single LMS platform being used systemwide. Most importantly, students have a familiar experience in the LMS when taking courses on different UH campuses. Additionally, administration of the LMS and professional development support for faculty, staff and students can be centralized across the UH System.

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