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University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Athletics posted an all-sport Academic Performance Rate (APR) score of 980 in figures released by the NCAA on May 2. The multiyear score based out of 1,000 is an average of all UH sports.

Men’s golf and women’s tennis posted perfect multiyear scores of 1,000. Additionally, seven of UH‘s 18 teams posted multiyear scores of 990 or higher, with four programs equaling or setting new all-time high scores—men’s golf, men’s tennis (991), beach volleyball (995) and softball (994).

Six of the seven men’s sports also scored above their respective national averages while six of the 11 women’s programs posted averages equal to or above their national averages.

In addition, eight teams posted perfect single-year scores of 1,000, down from a record 11 during the 2018–19 academic year. This included four men’s sports—basketball, golf, swimming and diving and tennis—and four women’s teams—beach volleyball, softball, tennis and volleyball.

The APR is calculated based on the number of student-athletes on scholarship and those who are retained and remain eligible for competition. Teams with a four-year score below 930 or a 950 average over the most recent two years can be penalized by a loss of scholarships and post-season ban. The benchmark of 930 projects to an NCAA graduation success rate of approximately 50 percent. The multi-year rate includes single-year scores from the past four academic years. For the 15th consecutive year, no UH team will be penalized with loss of scholarship.

UH‘s score from the 2021–22 academic year equaled last year’s score of 980 but is down from its all-time high of 986 in 2019–20.

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