Scholarship winner
Carly Miyamoto wins a year of tuition to UH Mānoa.

Incoming University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa freshman Carly Miyamoto will graduate from Pearl City High School on May 20, at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center as the president of the National Honor Society. At her graduation rehearsal, she and her parents were surprised to learn Miyamoto earned a free year of tuition thanks to her entry in the #TakeMeToMānoa contest funded by UH Federal Credit Union (FCU) and hosted by Hawaiʻi News Now (HNN).

HNN Sunrise host Billy V broke the news to Miyamoto in front of her classmates at the Michael Nakasone Auditorium. They watched on a huge screen as her one-minute winning video of why she is going to UH Mānoa played.

Carly Miyamoto hugging mom
Carly Miyamoto tearfully hugs her mother after learning she won the scholarship.

Her classmates, teachers and administrators cheered as Billy V announced the award and representatives from UHFCU and UH Mānoa provided her with a giant check, lei and gifts.

Miyamoto’s parents also surprised her as they were called up on stage to celebrate with her. Mother and daughter cried tears of joy while others congratulated the family.

“As soon as I saw the video I knew immediately and I started tearing up already,” Miyamoto said. “It was just unbelievable.”

She said she was able to weave clips from other videos she had filmed in the past few years with additional footage she recorded at Mānoa and elsewhere. When she was done she had created a video tapestry of her life leading up to her choosing UH.

Miyamoto is admitted for the marketing track at the UH Mānoa Shidler College of Business. Her passion for filmmaking also has her looking at other possible areas to grow as well.

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“With the scholarship, I’m so happy because I get to give back to my parents for all that they have given me throughout my life and I’m extremely grateful,” Miyamoto said.

UHFCU has sponsored the tuition giveaway for five years. They have partnered with HNN to surprise students since 2018.

“We are thrilled to extend a scholarship to Carly, a highly deserving student embarking on their college journey,” remarked UHFCU President and CEO Travis Bow. “These opportunities fill us with immense pride and excitement each year as they allow us to invest in talented individuals and contribute toward our community’s future growth and prosperity. Education is the key that unlocks doors to limitless possibilities, and by supporting this student’s academic aspirations, we are fostering a brighter tomorrow. We wish Carly nothing but the best on the journey ahead!”