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The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates June 2023 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 years

Ching, Noelani
Educational Specialist, UH Mānoa

Lee, Adrienne Susan
Director of Admin Services, UH Mānoa

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May 2023
April 2023
March 2023
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20 years

Asato, Chatney Lenal
Administrative Officer, UH Hilo

Asui, Dionne Piʻilani
Secretary, UH Mānoa

Chun, Lori Ann A
Secretary, UH Mānoa

Emery, Lori M M
Program Specialist, UH Mānoa

Javier, Gina Dellosa
Janitor, UH Mānoa

Kina, Cherl Ann
IT Specialist, UH West Oʻahu

Mokiao, Jonalyn Ragonton
Administrative Officer, UH Mānoa

Rafanan, Silulu S
University Security Officer, UH West Oʻahu

Toonen, Robert J
Researcher, UH Mānoa

10 years

Agdeppa, Beverly Q
Human Resources Specialist, UH Maui College

Iannucci, David
IT Specialist, UH Mānoa

Luke, Paul K
Educational Specialist, UH West Oʻahu

Marko, Peter
Professor, UH Mānoa

Moran, Amy
Professor, UH Mānoa

Sugimoto-Matsuda, Jeanelle June
Associate Professor, UH Mānoa

Toyama, Kelly A
Department Bookstore Manager, UH Mānoa

Trauernicht, Parker Clayton
Assistant Specialist, UH Mānoa

Yim, Nadine Mariko
Office Assistant, UH Mānoa

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