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Maunakea graphic
Poster Graphic by T.J. Keanu Tario

(Editor’s note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, performance dates for E ʻaha ʻia ana ʻo Mauna Kea have been rescheduled to November 4, 2023, at 7:30 p.m. Already purchased tickets will be automatically moved and ticket holders will receive updated tickets via email next week. If ticket holders are unable to make the new date, contact the Leeward Theatre at (808) 455-0380 or by September 15, 2023, for a refund or ticket exchange.)

The Leeward Community College Theatre will premiere its performance of E aha ʻia ana ʻo Mauna Kea, on September 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m. This performance weaves together Hawaiian moʻōlelo (stories), contemporary dance and music in a captivating portrayal of the snow goddess Poliʻahu.

The performance is presented by the Kanaka Maoli Juilliard-trained composer, pianist, māhū drag artist and cultural practitioner T.J. Keanu Tario, also known as Laritza Labouche.

Protestors on Maunakea
Photo by Kamaoli Kuwada

E aha ʻia ana ʻo Mauna Kea is a celebration of Hawaiian heritage and resilience. With echoes of the Protect Mauna Kea and Aloha ʻĀina movements, E aha ʻia ana ʻo Mauna Kea honors the land and its stories. The performance shines a light on māhū perspectives, adding a powerful layer of identity and cultural exploration.

The show is a transformative journey that melds tradition and modernity. By fusing moʻōlelo with contemporary expressions, Tario creates an immersive experience that encapsulates the heart of Hawaiian culture and the ongoing pursuit of cultural preservation.

For tickets, go to or call the Leeward Theatre box office at (808) 455-0385, open 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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