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Theresa Wee
Theresa Wee

One reassuring, expert voice during the COVID-19 pandemic was University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) alumna and Assistant Clinical Professor Theresa Wee, who blogged on practical healthcare, combined with personal encounters of loss, resilience and the guiding presence of faith. Readers related to her experiences, and found comfort and solace in her posts.

Wee published My Covid-19 Diary: Practical Tips and Scriptures for Improbable Times from an American Doctor, based on her blogging journey, which she started on March 23, 2020—the day Gov. David Ige ordered the first lockdown—and continued through December 2020.

“I found it comforting to journal my thoughts and decided to do it for one month,” Wee said. “I posted it daily, and soon, a growing number of people became regular readers. Some even told me they would wait for it daily, like the Star-Advertiser. I was encouraged to continue writing daily blogs and never ran out of things to write about.”

Wee shared her personal experiences, concerns and her solution and actions, and always ended her posts with an uplifting tip or message. She said she hopes others find the book helpful when they’re going through tough times.

“We all have good and dark times. I’m hoping that people can pick up this book at any time and find it helpful or encouraging. There are many valuable tips on maintaining physical health, managing stress and nurturing mental wellness amid trying times. I want people to know there is always hope,” she said.

Wee is a pediatric health and wellness expert who has been in private practice for 40 years. Her non-profit organization, “Walk with a Doc Oʻahu,” meets weekly at Central Oʻahu Regional Park to educate and encourage people of all ages to take that first step toward better health. The organization also offers “Walk with a Future Doc” with JABSOM students every fourth Sunday of the month at Kakaʻako Waterfront Park.

My Covid-19 Diary: Practical Tips and Scriptures for Improbable Times from an American Doctor is available for purchase online.

Read more in Wee’s Q&A with JABSOM.

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