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graphic promoting collegiate program of the year
(Graphic courtesy: Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards)

The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa esports program is looking to win back-to-back collegiate esports program of the year awards, and it needs your help! The public can vote for the team on the Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards website until November 20. The winner will be announced at an event in Las Vegas on November 28.

Vote now for UH Mānoa’s esports program!

UH Mānoa was named the 2022 best collegiate esports program by Esports Awards, and is one of 15 finalists this year. This is the third consecutive year that the program has been a finalist among the best collegiate esports programs in North America. The winner will be selected by an esports panel of experts (75%) and public vote (25%).

UH esports is leading the charge around international and global esports in the collegiate level,” said UH Mānoa’s esports Program Director Nyle Sky Kauweloa. “We have students from across our system that are doing wonderful things at each of their campuses, and so for what we’re doing right now, the state should be very proud of what we’ve accomplished, not only in the fact that we attract very dedicated and excited students to the collegiate esports program, but we’re also establishing partnerships both domestically in the United States but also partnerships in East Asia.”

Program accomplishments

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UH students practice at the UH Mānoa iLab.

UH Mānoa esports has skyrocketed since it began in 2019, becoming the first higher education institution to host professional Overwatch League events. Among its major accomplishments over the past year, UH Mānoa’s Apex Legends team has become one of the top in the nation. The program sent several students to intern in South Korea with Gen.G, one of the largest esports companies in the world. UH Mānoa has placed a major emphasis on the Women of Esports organization, which was created to increase inclusion in the esports program, and has launched a new team for the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

“We put all this time into the program and to having our work shown, and people appreciate it,” said Tuan Jr. Pham, UH Mānoa Valorant team lead. “It seems really cool and really fun to see how the program’s expanding.”

Madeline Gilbert, UH Mānoa esports player support coordinator, added, “We’re really one massive team here so it’s not the individuals, it’s not leadership, it’s all of us working together. And I think everyone deserves it.”

UH esports receives substantial funding from the Academy for Creative Media System. Visit the UH esports team’s X and Discord pages. More stories on UH’s esports program.

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