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windward c c campus

Enrollment at the 10 campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi is up 1.2% in the fall 2023 semester compared to fall 2022, the largest increase in enrollment since 2010. There are 48,933 credit student enrollments at UH campuses, 560 more than a year ago.

The seven UH community colleges led the way with a 2.7% increase in enrollment, the first rise in community college enrollment in 13 years. UH Mānoa continued its steady rise in enrollment with a 1% increase to 19,256 students. The UH flagship campus welcomed over 3,000 first-time freshmen for the second consecutive year.

Students walking on U H Maui College campus

“It is incredibly gratifying to see more Hawaiʻi residents appreciating and taking advantage of their great public higher education system,” said UH President David Lassner. ”While we have much more to do, particularly as we continue to adapt to post-pandemic shifts, our 10 campuses offer pathways to better lives across the islands.”

Five UH campuses saw enrollment increases year-to-year, led by Windward CC (15.1%) and followed by UH Maui College (7.1%), Hawaiʻi CC (6.3%), Honolulu CC (4.4%) and UH Mānoa (1%). The enrollment decreases at the other five campuses ranged from 0.1% to 6.6%.

Fall 2023 enrollment

UH System total: 48,933 (+1.2% change from fall 2022)

  • UH Mānoa: 19,256 (+1% change)
  • UH Hilo: 2,781 (-6.6% change)
  • UH West Oʻahu: 2,863 (-1.7% change)

UH Community Colleges: 24,033 (+2.7%)

Hawaii Community College sign

  • Hawaiʻi CC: 2,260 (+6.3% change)
  • Honolulu CC: 3,204 (+4.4% change)
  • Kapiʻolani CC: 5,822 (-0.1% change)
  • Kauaʻi CC: 1,298 (-0.8% change)
  • Leeward CC: 6,059 (-2.6% change)
  • UH Maui College: 2,647 (+7.1% change)
  • Windward CC: 2,743 (+15.1% change)

Key demographic increases

rainbow over Mānoa campus

The UH 10-campus system saw increases in several key demographics, including first-time freshmen from Hawaiʻi public schools (2.7%, from 4,078 to 4,189), Filipino students (3.5%, from 6,827 to 7,065), and Micronesian students (15.8%, from 367 to 426). There was also a slight increase (0.2%) in all underrepresented students despite a 1.6% decrease in Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian students. Enrollment of Early Admit students, most of whom are public high school students taking early college courses for dual high school and college credit, increased by 6.6% to 3,859 students. Another surge was the 9.4% increase to 5,649 in community college student enrollments at multiple campuses, many in online courses.

Full Impact of UH Community Colleges

Honolulu CC campus

There are 24,033 credit student enrollments at UH community colleges in fall 2023, the most after reaching a record high following the Great Recession. The community colleges also served an additional 10,760 students over the last year, which are not included in the official enrollment counts: 7,357 students enrolled in non-credit workforce programs (including 2,024 participating in apprenticeship programs in skilled trades), 2,735 students in community education programs and 668 students taking career readiness courses such as computer fundamentals and financial literacy.

“Our community colleges play multiple roles across the state,” said Lassner. “They provide critical workforce education, training and industry-valued certifications through both credit and non-credit programming. They welcome any learner wherever they are in life and can provide clear pathways to our universities for bachelor degrees and beyond.”

UH is the state’s sole provider of public higher education.

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