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Holiday punch

The holiday season is here, and UH News is asking members of the University of Hawaiʻi ʻohana to share their favorite recipes. The hope is these recipes and the short stories that accompany them will give everyone some ideas for eats throughout the holidays.

Three women smiling
From left: Colette Andrade Fujii, Linh Hoang Poe, LaVache Scanlan of the Lunalilo Scholars Program

Colette Andrade Fujii, also known as Coco or Aunty Coco, a student support specialist for the Lunalilo Scholars Program at Kapiʻolani Community College, is spreading holiday cheer by sharing her family’s recipe for holiday punch. The festive beverage in a bowl serves as a centerpiece of celebration where friends and family can crowd around to enjoy the refreshing flavors and “talk-story.”

This holiday punch recipe was passed down to Coco through her mother-in-law, Grandma Carol, and is a staple at the Andrade Fujii holiday parties.

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“This holiday punch is enjoyed by family and friends during our Christmas party every year,” said Fujii. “Grandma Carol wanted a tasty punch for her party and threw things together. She modified the punch over the years to perfect it. My children fight over this holiday drink every year. The ice cream is the best part.”

The recipe includes a list of ingredients and charges the preparer with achieving the right balance.

“While you look at the ingredients, Grandma Carol does not believe in giving exact measurements,” added Fujii. “She believes that you should trust your taste buds!”


Family standing in front of a Christmas tree
Grandma Carol (third from right) and family

Approximately 1-to-1 ratio Malolo strawberry syrup mixed with water
¼–½ liter 7-up or Sprite
To your liking Vanilla ice cream
To your liking Passion Orange Guava juice (POG)
Frozen strawberries
Sliced oranges


  1. Follow the instructions for mixing Malolo strawberry syrup and water.
  2. Add POG juice and 7-up or Sprite to taste.
  3. Add vanilla ice cream and ice.
  4. To top it off, add the frozen strawberries and sliced oranges. Enjoy!
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