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Chief Communications Officer, UH Office of Communications
Posted: Jun 6, 2021

Leeward CC certified nurse assistant student Regine Dela Cruz
Leeward CC certified nurse assistant student Regine Dela Cruz
Hana Pathways offers training in skilled trades.
Hana Pathways offers training in skilled trades.
Hana Pathways offers technology training.
Hana Pathways offers technology training.

Link to video and sound (details below):

WHO: Unemployed or underemployed Hawaiʻi residents have an opportunity to get up to $2,000 in tuition assistance for short-term training at University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges that can lead to valuable industry credentials in healthcare, technology and skilled trades. 

WHAT: The training offered ranges from certified nurse assistant (CNA), pharmacy technician and medical reimbursement specialist in the healthcare sector; to CompTIA and Amazon web services certifications for IT-related jobs; and EPA 608 certification (for technicians who work on air conditioning systems) and pre-apprenticeship training for the skilled trades. Students will also be offered college and career advising, referrals to support services and other financial assistance. 

WHY: The Hana Career Pathways initiative supports Hawaiʻi residents’ employment and the community’s economic recovery. UH expects to provide about 3,000 training opportunities over three years.

HOW: Prospective students are urged to visit the Hana Career Pathways website to learn more and apply online.

WHEN: Hana Career Pathways is funded by a competitive, more than $13.3-million grant from the U.S. Department of Education from October 1, 2020 to September 29, 2023.


  • Must be a Hawai‘i resident

  • Currently not working or underemployed (may be working part-time and/or making less than $20/hour). Priority will be given to applicants who are not working.

  • U.S. citizen or status as a permanent resident alien of the U.S. (have a green card)

  • Must submit an application to Hana Career Pathways.

VIDEO: (TRT 2:28)

BROLL: (1:46)

:00-:27 Video of certified nurse assistants (CNAs) at work (Courtesy: Hale Makua)

:28-:43 File video of skilled trades training

:44- 1:46 File photos of IT and other training


Regine Dela Cruz, Leeward CC CNA student (:15)

“I got furloughed during the COVID—when the pandemic started, so I wanted a field that offers more job opportunities.”

Halie Jones, Leeward CC CNA student (:12)

“I feel as a major positive would just be the interaction with the instructors, teaching us and molding us for the future and to take care of other people’s loved ones properly.”

Ryan Goodwin, Windward CC CNA student (:11)

“I have a voice now and I have a say what happens to our kupuna and what happens with our health, which is a very big responsibility.”