UH student teachers now integrating laptops

Initiative part of drive to integrate technology in Hawaiʻi schools

University of Hawaiʻi
Paul McKimmy, (808) 956-6266
College of Education
Posted: Oct 27, 2005

HONOLULU—While the use of laptop computers by college students is an accepted way of life today, a new standard requirement for new students enrolled in the UH College of Education's Institute for Teacher Education (ITE) is considered a major step forward in the integration of technology in Hawaiʻi‘s schools. Initiated this fall, the new requirement is intended to increase the technology literacy for those going into the teaching profession.

All newly admitted students in ITE's teacher licensing programs will now be required to have a laptop computer meeting specifications outlined by the College of Education. The requirement anticipates the Hawaiʻi Department of Education's own initiative to ensure that teachers in Hawaiʻi‘s public schools have access to a computer in every classroom within a few years.

"Our graduates will leave us ready and comfortable with technology, and be able to be take advantage of the efficiencies provided by computers and the resources available on the Internet," said Paul McKimmy, Director of Technology & Distance Programs with the UH-Manoa College of Education. "Our instructors are enthusiastic about universal computing access."

The requirement standardizes software so that instructors will be assured all students will have immediate Internet access as a standard tool in every class, instead of waiting for computer lab availability. A survey conducted in the spring of 2005 (prior to the requirement) found that 70 percent of students enrolled in the College of Education's teacher training programs already owned laptop computers.

The cost of the laptop can now be included in students‘ financial aid packages, enabling more of them to afford a computer.

A related program provides laptop computers to the college's instructors and field supervisors, further encouraging classroom integration of technology.

For more information about the program, contact Paul McKimmy at 808-956-6266