Sexual Assault Awareness Month at UH Manoa

Sexual Assault Task Force maintains awareness level and coordinates services to victims

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Jayne Bopp, (808) 956-7344
Project Coordinator
Posted: Apr 19, 2006

April 2006 is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month across the country, and at UH Mānoa the campus security reports show that there have been no reports of sexual assault on campus this calendar year. Figures for 2005 record two reported incidents on campus and four off-campus assaults.

"Maintaining an awareness of sexual assault as a critical safety and security issue remains a high priority for Mānoa‘s senior administrators," said Chancellor Denise Konan. "I am pleased to acknowledge the work of the UH Mānoa Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) to maintain awareness and plan and implement assistance programs when the need arises."

Earlier this year, Chancellor Konan officially recognized the SATF as a formal advisory entity to the Mānoa Chancellor‘s Office. The Task Force was established in 2003 to ensure improved and appropriate victim assistance services and perpetrator accountability for Mānoa students.

Task Force members are the directors/coordinators from Campus Security, the office of the Vice Chancellor for Students, the Counseling Center, Health Center, Student Housing, the Gender Equity Counselor and the Women‘s Center. Activities have ranged from acting as a crisis response team for urgent incidents to drafting and implementing procedures and protocols within their respective departments. SATF members were also involved in the creation of the new UH systemwide Sexual Assault Policy released by the Office of the President in February.

"We are all campus service providers," said P. Jayne Bopp, Project Coordinator for the Program Against Violence to Women. "Our coordinated response allows Mānoa to provide student victims of sexual assault with crisis counseling, safer housing options, assistance with academic issues and obtaining appropriate medical care, and referrals to other on- and off-campus services as needed."

The SATF has also addressed perpetrator accountability and improved safety on campus in a number of ways — including issuing crime alerts, implementing trespass bans, initiating on-campus investigations and adjudicating conduct code violations.

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