Governor Lingle releases $1.3 million for new social sciences facility at Leeward Community College

Leeward Community College
Jan Yokota, (808) 956-7935
Director of Capital Improvements
John Morton, (808) 956-7038
Interim Vice President for Community Colleges
Posted: May 25, 2006

HONOLULU — Governor Linda Lingle has released $1,311,000 for planning and design of a new Social Sciences Facility that will consolidate offices and classes of the Social Sciences Division that are currently now housed in different buildings on the Leeward Community College campus. This project design will also include additional parking to accommodate students, faculty and staff.

When the campus was originally developed, the Social Sciences Division was the only division that did not have its own centralized and dedicated facility. The new facility will consolidate the Social Sciences Division offices and classes into one building that will benefit both students and faculty. The new facility will also house the proposed Teacher Training program, which will address the teacher shortage in the state as well as the specific needs of the Leeward region.

"The new Social Sciences Facility will enhance social science education for students, promote more efficient operations, and create a better learning environment for students and faculty at Leeward Community College," said Governor Lingle.

The estimated project cost is $13,895,000. The project design is expected to be completed by July 2008.

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