UH College of Engineering hosts second annual Jr. Engineering Expo

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Posted: Nov 13, 2006

HONOLULU — The University of Hawaiʻi, College of Engineering will present the second annual Jr. Engineering Expo on Friday, November 17, 2006 on the first floor of Holmes Hall at UH Mānoa. The event invites middle school students to form teams for competition in engineering-related games. This year‘s event will include the following competitions:

Pendulum Design Competition (Prepared Game)
Design and build the "ultimate" putter. The goal is to construct an inexpensive pendulum that will accurately and consistently propel a golf ball to a specific target.

Popsicle Bridge Building Competition (Prepared Game)
Do you like to design, build, and have lots of fun? Test your skills at building a popsicle stick bridge that meets certain structural specifications.

Coaster Mania! Competition (Impromptu Game)
Here‘s your chance to work as a team to design and build your very own roller coaster consisting of loops, turns, hills and jumps. Coasters will be judged on team participation, functionality, design, and originality.

Electromagnetic Fishing Pole Competition (Impromptu Game)
Design and build an electromagnetic fishing pole to catch magnetic fish. The fishing pole will be prepared and constructed in 30 minutes. Immediately following, a fishing competition will be held and each fishing pole will be judged on certain factors.

Move That Ball! Competition (Impromptu Game)
Can you move a ball from one bag to another? Can you perform this task as a team of 4-6 students? What if the ball is "radioactive" (brightly colored ping-pong balls)? Test your skills in this fun-filled game where teamwork is the key to success.

The top three teams in each game will be awarded trophies. The Expo will also include the Archimedes group and Women in Technology Project showcasing engineering-related demonstrations and activities. Estimated attendance for this year‘s event is more than 400 students and teachers.

For additional information, call 808-956-2287.