UH Board of Regents approves amendment to men's basketball coaching staff salary ranges

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Mar 15, 2007

HILO, Hawaiʻi — At its monthly meeting held today at Hawaiʻi Community College, the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents (BOR) approved an amendment to the UH Mānoa men‘s basketball coaching staff salary ranges in Board of Regents‘ By-laws and Policies, "Guidelines for Employment of Coaches in the Major Intercollegiate Sports," Section 9-2f(2)(b), which updates the minimum and maximum salaries to ensure competitive compensation with comparable Division I-A programs.

The BOR policy had the following annual salary ranges for the men‘s basketball coaching staff set at:

· Head Coach$81,000 - $138,000
· Associate Coach$50,004 - $78,000
· Assistant Coach$39,000 - $58,008

The amended salary ranges approved by the BOR today are:

· Head Coach$184,836 - $400,000
· Associate Coach$79,500 - $124,656
· Assistant Coach$50,004 - $105,000

The amended salary ranges will allow the UH Mānoa Athletics program to remain competitive with other Division I-A men‘s basketball programs and gives the program more flexibility in taking advantage of and responding to opportunities in the marketplace. The amended salary ranges are based on the 2005 Division I-A Athletic Directors‘ Association national annual compensation survey data for basketball coaches and coaches in other major sports. The salary ranges are based on the 25th to the 75th percentile of the national data. The minimum of the head coach salary range is set at the median of the salary survey and the maximum is calculated as a figure near the average of the #4 through #13 coaches‘ salaries in the survey.