UH community college programs in accounting and commercial aviation expand following Board of Regents approval

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Posted: Jul 26, 2007

PEARL CITY, Oʻahu — The Board of Regents of the University of Hawaiʻi has approved the re-establishment of a Certificate of Achievement (CA) in Accounting at Hawaiʻi Community College. The CA in Accounting, which was removed from the Hawaiʻi CC Accounting Program in 1977, will be offered in addition to an already established Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Accounting with no additional cost to the program or college.

The CA in Accounting will serve as an alternative credentialing option for students who do not have the time, resources or desire to complete requirements for the existing AAS Accounting degree. Re-establishment of the CA comes on the recommendations of the Accounting Program Advisory Council, a representative group of individuals from the Hawaiʻi Island business, civic, and educational communities, as an option for students not able to commit to four or five semesters of postsecondary schooling.

The re-designed degree is primarily to ensure students receive training that will meet employer expectations, as the CA, coupled with a required capstone course, gives students entry level general business skills. Students enrolled in the program‘s practicum classes will work on real-life accounting records for a variety of non-profits, clubs and organizations.

In other action taken by the Board, approval has been granted to Honolulu Community College to enter into a Commercial Aviation Program Partnership with Galvin Flying Services, Inc, to implement and conduct collegiate flight training.

The agreement with Galvin will provide Honolulu CC students with a professional quality training environment and state-of-the-art curriculum. Galvin will also provide a newer, technically modern aircraft training fleet and flight simulators, and its close alignment with Alteon, the Boeing training corporation, provides Honolulu CC with a partner experienced in specialized professional training. The agreement will also provide Honolulu CC with a partner that is committed to jointly marketing the program and assisting in its growth.

The annual amount paid to Galvin under the terms of the new agreement will not exceed the amount paid to former partner and flight provider University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation, which is $100,000. Flight fees will be based on aircraft-specific flight hour billings to Honolulu CC. A one-time transition and start-up cost of up to $100,000 will be equally shared by Honolulu CC and Galvin.