UH Board of Regents approves private donor investments to renovate and improve Manoa athletic facilities

BOR also approves amendment to board by-laws and policies to update the salary ranges for several coaching positions at UH Manoa

University of Hawaiʻi
Carolyn Tanaka, (808) 956-9803
External Affairs & University Relations
Posted: Jul 26, 2007

PEARL CITY, Oʻahu — At its monthly meeting today, the UH Board of Regents (BOR) approved a request to allow for naming opportunities for UH Mānoa‘s Health and Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) building addition, located on the third floor of the athletics complex. The Board action allows private funds to be raised to complete renovations of the HPER building.

"We continue to look at new and innovative ways to support our facilities‘ needs and pursue opportunities beyond state funding to maintain our facilities," said UH Mānoa Athletics Director Herman Frazier. "With the success and attention our football program has received in recent years, there is an opportunity here to complete this project and provide for future maintenance and needs of our programs. Relocating the football staff also will free up additional office space for other sports, especially our women‘s programs."

Plans for the area, which is approximately 3,500 square feet, include a reception area, 11 individual offices, a video room, and two adjoining conference rooms. The naming opportunity levels are expected to cover 110 percent of the cost of the renovation and provide an endowment to cover the maintenance costs.

Donor recognition opportunities include the following:

  • Named UH Football Office Complex

  • Named individual offices (10)

  • Named Head Coach Office

  • Named Offensive Conference Room

  • Named Defensive Conference Room

  • Named Football Video Room

In other action, the BOR also approved updates to the salary ranges for coaching positions for several sports at UH Mānoa. The updates are made to ensure competitive compensation with comparable Division I-A (Bowl Championship Division) programs, and are based on the survey of salaries as reported by the 2006 Division I-A Athletic Directors‘ Association national salary survey. The national salary survey data is the most widely used measure of market competitive salaries.

The approved salary ranges are as follows:

Position Current Approved
Head Coach, Football $99,996 - $199,992 $329,142 - $935,544
Head Coach, Baseball $51,000 - $75,000 $72,384 - $221,316
Associate Coach, Women‘s Basketball $37,620 - $67,716 $61,428 - $100,116
Head Coach, Women‘s Volleyball $53,820 — $107,640 $76,440 - $143,472
Head Coach, Women‘s Softball $35,868 - $68,148 $56,916 — $89,952
Assistant Coach, Swimming/Diving $24,000 - $36,000 $31,380 - $40,752
Diving Coach $30,000 - $45,000 $30,804 - $54,084
Head Coach, Women‘s Soccer $33,000 - $51,000 $51,288 - $82,524
Head Coach, Women‘s Water Polo $33,000 - $48,000 $54,108 - $86,244
Head Coach, Men‘s Tennis $33,000 - $55,572 $52,308 - $82,404
Head Coach, Women‘s Tennis $33,000 - $55,572 $42,096 - $69,480
Head Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field $36,876 — $62,700 $53,004 - $83,496