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Posted: Aug 31, 2007

HONOLULU - UH Mā®¯a employees Barbara Omoto, Coleen Reeves and Stanley Schab have been named recipients of this year?s Chancellor?s Award for Outstanding Service. They were selected from among nominees demonstrating sustained and exceptional leadership, service to their departments and to the University of Hawai?i at Mā®¯a.

BARBARA OMOTO is a secretary for the men?s basketball program in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. With 10 years of service to the department, Bobbi, as she is known, is endeared by co-workers and student-athletes for her professional and cheerful manner and for her ability to multi-task while exhibiting the aloha spirit. She provides administrative support to the men?s basketball program and voluntarily assumed the same role for the women?s basketball program three years ago, often working extra hours to aid both programs with various tasks. Outside of her administrative role, she assists with booster club operations, works sideline control for football games and coordinates the ?Balloon Brigade? for men?s and women?s basketball games.

COLEEN REEVES is a Buildings and Grounds Maintenance employee for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. She has worked for Athletics for 19 years, demonstrating her professional skills and performing tasks at an exceptional level. Colleagues noted that she ?exemplifies service with a smile,? and ?never hesitates to go beyond the call, putting in her own personal hours or resources to get the job done.? ?She is a dream employee!? Reeves has even been known to purchase cleaning products with her own hard-earned money because they are less offensive to her co-workers working in enclosed office spaces. She is recognized for taking initiative to get things done, doing so with a cheerful attitude, and for being a dedicated, hard-working team player.

STANLEY SCHAB is an editor with the Center for Biographical Research in the Department of English. With 13 years of service, he is described by colleagues as the ?heart and soul? of the center, and is recognized for his intelligence, efficiency, persistence, and integrity. As the center?s managing editor, he runs every aspect of the journal Biography, which has become the most prestigious venue for publication in the field of life writing. He is credited with improving production methods for the journal, which resulted in enormous cost savings. Schab is also responsible for the complete coordination of the center?s weekly ?Brown Bag? speakers series, in addition to supervising the center?s volunteers and student employees.

Recipients of the 2007 Mā®¯a Chancellor?s Award for Outstanding Service will be recognized along with other award winners at a systemwide ceremony on Sept. 5, 2007.

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