UH Manoa celebrates inaugural Osher Reentry Scholars

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Teresa Bill, (808) 956-9313
Bridge to Hope Program
Posted: Oct 11, 2007

HONOLULU — Twenty-five adult students whose college educations were delayed or interrupted by a vast range of personal circumstances have been selected as the first group of Osher Reentry Scholars at UH Mānoa.

They are supported by a $50,000 grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation specifically to fund adult students aged 25-50 who are either starting their college education or returning after more than 5 years to compete their college studies.

"For all of the recipients, the $2,000 tuition award makes a difference in their ability to focus on their studies, many of whom need to juggle school with employment and family obligations," says Teresa Bill, Coordinator for Osher Reentry Scholars.

"It‘s quite a challenge," Bill says, "but we find that many returning adult students are more motivated than at any time in their academic careers and their academic success reflects that."

Recipients range from age 26 to 52, all with compelling personal journeys. This year‘s awardees are enrolled in a full range of academic programs including physical sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, education, social work, nursing and travel industry management.

Many re-entry students ʻstopped out‘ of college because of family emergencies, financial difficulties, or a lack of focus. They have all made personal sacrifices to re-enter college and return motivated and knowing exactly what they want to do when they graduate. Some are single adults, some are single parents, and others are the primary earner in their family. All of the Osher Reentry Scholars value and are committed to completing their college education.

Bridge to Hope, an award-winning, innovative program serving low-income students with children administers the Osher Reentry Scholarship at UH Mānoa. The Osher Reentry Scholars program expands Bridge to Hope‘s services to all reentry students at UH Mānoa.

The Bernard Osher Foundation began funding Reentry Scholarships at 4-year campuses throughout the U.S. in June 2005. Further information about Osher Reentry Scholarship applications is available at http://www.hawaii.edu/bridgetohope , by email at bthinfo@hawaii.edu or by calling 956-8059.

For more information, visit: http://www.hawaii.edu/bridgetohope/OptionOsher.htm