Hawaiʻi Supreme Court convenes at Kauaʻi Community College


Kauaʻi Community College
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Posted: Apr 10, 2019

Hawaii Supreme Court justices with Kauai CC students.
Hawaii Supreme Court justices with Kauai CC students.

Link to video and sound (details below):  ttps://bit.ly/2G8rEGl

WHO:  Students in the audience included a Kaua‘i Community College business law class.  The instructor is Robert Goldberg. Hundreds of students from Kaua‘i high schools also attended (but filming of these students was not allowed).

WHAT:   The Hawaiʻi Supreme Court heard oral arguments at Kauaʻi Community College as part of the Courts in the Community program.

WHEN:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019

WHERE:  Kaua‘i Community College, Līhu‘e

WHY:  The Hawai‘i State Judiciary’s Courts in the Community program is an outreach initiative that provides students an opportunity to learn more about the judiciary’s role in government and its function in resolving disputes in a democratic society.  

Kaua‘i CC instructor Robert Goldberg had his business law students study the case that the justices heard.



BROLL (1:30):

Shots of Hawai‘i Supreme Court at Kaua‘i Community College


Katie Jones, Kaua‘i CC student (:07)

“To actually see the process and get to meet the justices has been really exciting and kind of eye opening.”

Shawn Marugame, Kaua‘i CC student (:11)

“After reading through the case, from our business law teacher,  itʻs actually way more better in person, hearing it and feeling it.”

Mark Recktenwald, Hawai‘i Supreme Court Chief Justice  (:10)

“This is just a fantastic venue.  Weʻre able to bring together students from across the island. Also, weʻre very excited to have business law students here from Kaua‘i Community College.”