About Us

The University of Hawai‘i Office of STEM Education (OSE) provides leadership and support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities at UH and in Hawai‘i. The OSE partners with campus, state and national agencies to develop and support initiatives designed to improve the quality of STEM education and increase the diversity of talented students pursuing STEM careers. The OSE reports to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Planning & Policy at UH.


  • To promote and develop collaborative partnerships among STEM faculty and Staff at UH and K-12 schools in Hawaii
  • To serve as a knowledgeable source of information related to STEM activities for UH faculty, staff and students
  • To promote diversity and inclusion in STEM activities at UH
  • To liaise with state and national agencies involved in STEM education reform
  • To assist UH faculty and staff with funding opportunities related to STEM teaching and learning
  • To provide leadership and oversight of system-wide, STEM-related academic affairs

Organization Summary

The University of Hawai‘i Office of STEM Education hosts and supports multiple services and activities throughout the UH community designed to strengthen, enrich and diversify the STEM faculty, staff and students at UH. The office liaises with the Hawai‘i STEM K-12 leadership, Hawai‘i’s STEM industry, UH Foundation and local, state and national government to ensure alignment and sustainability of programs, personnel and opportunities. The OSE is maintained under the UH Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) with direct supervision by the Associate VPAA. The vision, strategies, supervision and oversight of daily activities are the responsibility of the Director of STEM Education at UH.

Meet the Office of STEM Education

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