White House Strategic Plan for STEM Education

This document presents the Federal Government’s five-year strategic plan for STEM education, based on a vision for a future where all Americans will have lifelong access to high-quality STEM education and the United States will be the global leader in STEM literacy, innovation, and employment. The plan accordingly strengthens the Federal commitment to equity and diversity, to evidence-based practice, and to engagement with the national STEM community through a nationwide collaboration with learners, families, educators, communities, and employers. Beyond guiding Federal activities and investments, it is intended to serve as a “North Star” for the broader community to help achieve the goals, pathways, and objectives within this plan.

UH hosts Leaders Forum for Tribal Colleges, Native-serving Institutions

NSF Cyber Security Scholarship - Due March 31, 2017

STEMS^2 application

Hawai'i Youth Sustainability Challenge

Science Ed: What students want

A new survey of American teenagers reveals how we can better engage students in science — both in and out of the classroom.

One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) for NASA Internship, Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunties

Summer 2016 STEM Job Opportunities

Astronomy Program for Hawai'i High School Students Prepares Future Science Leaders

HI STAR Highlights

Guide for STEM opportunities for women and minorities

Chalk full of information, attainable solutions, and resources!

NSF DDD Tupas' presentation slides

Division Deputy Director Jermelina Tupas presented the attached slides to group of STEM Educators at UH Manoa

Distance Course Design & Consulting Services

Distance Course Design & Consulting at the College of Education provides services for incorporating technology into grants

STEM and Worldwide Voyage

Staff members of the Office of STEM Education participated in UH/Polynesian Voyaging Society's meeting during February 2016

Dr. Carl Wieman (Nobel Laureate) Lecture

Video link to the lecture presented by Dr. Carl Wieman

SAC has recommended NGSS to the full board for adoption

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were brought to the Student Achievement Committee (SAC) for action on adoption

Global Environmental Microbiology 2016 Summer Course

NSF Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations


Cyber Threat Intelligence Training

National Cyberwatch Center Newsletter 2015

Honolulu CC School Spotlight: GenCyber Camp

Bytemarks Cafe - Episode 364: Maker Faire

Did you miss the Bytemarks Cafe with John Rand and Geena Wang-Kung?

COE Grant Programs Serve Broad Populations

Check out some of UH Mānoa's College of Education's grant projects and activities!

2015 SITE Outstanding Paper Awarded to Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Fulton

Green Shoots - Your Future In STEM

College of Education Offers Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute

CRDG Launches New Educational Television Show

COE Announces New Master’s Degree Concentration

UH students showcase their inventions at National Maker Faire in Washington D.C.

Teaching the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

High School students to participate in inaugural GenCyber Hawai‘i Camp

Six scientists to spend 365 days in isolation for HI-SEAS simulated Mars trip