Broader Impact Network

The Hawai‘i Broader Impact Network (BIN) is coordinated out of the University of Hawaii Office of STEM Education. The Network actively seeks to blend UH research with education and outreach initiative throughout the State of Hawaii. The BIN serves to establish and maintain authentic, efficient, effective and sustainable collaborations to better serve the Hawaii STEM community of practice.

Scope of support and activities of Hawai‘i BIN can include:

  • Offering a range of outreach projects and activities that fit UH researcher needs.
  • Providing Broader Impact language that can be incorporated into a research grant proposal.
  • Providing program infrastructure (administration, marketing, registration, etc.) allowing faculty to focus on delivering content and connecting with students.
  • Consulting with researchers and faculty to initiate new outreach programs, advising on outreach best practices and connecting researchers with local K-14 resources.
  • Overseeing shared support personnel (APTs, Administrative Assistants, etc.) in support of grant activities.
  • Improve budget development, coordinate funding activities and support project fiscal management.
  • Increase and inform project dissemination strategies.
  • Improve project sustainability and institutionalization.

Researchers who participate in the network provide Broader Impact funds as a portion of the grant’s budget in support of Hawai‘i BIN projects and activities.


HI STEM Network

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