STEM Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of STEM Education seeks to capitalize on the diverse attributes of Hawai‘i today to build an inclusive UH for tomorrow. Diversity describes an environment in which the talents and differences of all employees are respected and valued for professional and mission success. Inclusion is a process that cultivates a work environment that connects all faculty, staff and students to the organization; encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness; and leverages diversity throughout the organization so that all individuals can participate and contribute to their full potential.

When trying to solve complex problems (i.e., the sort of thing scientists are paid to do), progress often results from diverse perspectives. The ability to see the problem differently, not simply “being smart,” is often the key to a breakthrough. As a result, when groups of intelligent individuals are working to solve hard problems, the diversity of the problem solvers matters more than their individual ability. Thus, diversity is not distinct from enhancing overall quality–it is integral to achieving it. – By Scott E. Page


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