Top 5 Things to Consider When Transferring

  1. Narrow down your interests.
    • Pick a degree that fits your personal, educational, and life goals.
    • Make sure that the degree is offered on your future campus.
  2. Be aware of the application process.
    • What are the deadlines to apply to your future campus?
    • What are the application materials needed (ex. transcripts, health records)? Depending on what your future campus needs, it may take a while to gather the materials.
    • Also check if your degree program has any additional deadlines you need to meet.
  3. Connect with your future campus.
    • See an advisor or counselor if you have any questions!
  4. Don’t forget financing.
    • Different campuses have different tuition rates. Check in with the Financial Aid office of your future campus if you have questions about finding your education.
  5. Apply on time when you have made a decision on your future campus!