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The organizational management information includes charts, functional statements, and reorganization proposals (organizational and/or functional changes) of the University of Hawaiʻi.

The authorities governing the organizational information are as follows:

Reorganizational Guidelines Checklist

  1. Is a change in organizational structure appropriate for resolving existing organizational performance problems?
    A change in organizational structure alters the formal pattern of how the organization’s human resources and jobs are grouped, coordinated, and controlled. It seeks to improve organizational performance by the redistribution or reallocation of the organization’s resources, authority, and information. An alternative to structural change for performance improvement is to redesign the organization’s work processes and procedures.
  2. Is the proposed organizational change a formal reorganization?
    Only an organizational change that is defined as a reorganization by Administrative Procedure No. A3.101.4a requires preparation of a reorganization proposal, review and approval of the proposal, and documentation of the approved reorganization.
  3. Who is the appropriate approval authority?
    Formal reorganization may be approved by the Board of Regents or under delegated authority, as determined by Administrative Procedure No. A3.101.3.
  4. What is required in a reorganization proposal?
    A reorganization proposal should be prepared consisting of both a narrative section and attachments, in accordance with the requirements of Administrative Procedure No. A3.101.5. The narrative section should contain a description of the rationale for the proposed reorganization, a description of the resource requirements or savings associated with the reorganization, an explanation of the resources needed to implement the reorganization, and a discussion of the programmatic impacts of the proposed reorganization on the University. The attachments should contain the current and proposed organization charts, current and proposed functional statements, and a list of all permanent and (budgeted) temporary positions affected by the reorganization.
  5. What are the proper review and approval process and procedure(s) for formal reorganization?
    The reorganization review and approval process and procedure(s) are specified in Administrative Procedure No. A3.101.6 and A3.101.7.
  6. Who should receive copies of the approved reorganizational proposal?
    Full (paper) copies of the approved reorganization proposal should be transmitted to the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawaiʻi, University Budget Office, University of Hawaiʻi System Office of Human Resources, and the Collective Bargaining Representatives of all positions within the scope of the reorganization, in accordance with Administrative Procedure No. A3.101.8.

September 2008, University Budget Office

Last modified: October 20, 2021
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