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The University of Hawaiʻi is committed to building a more inclusive and diverse community. This includes working to ensure that institutional barriers to the University’s essential programs and services are removed for individuals who have limited English proficiency. Hawaiʻi has one of the highest per-capita rates of limited English proficient persons (“LEP persons”) in the nation; those who have limited English proficiency in any one or more of four different domains – speaking, writing, reading, and listening/understanding. The University’s goal is to affirmatively address the language access needs for LEP persons, not only to meet state and federal laws concerning non-discrimination on the basis of national origin, but to ensure that we are promoting the full participation of those in our community, and optimizing our potential to become a richer and more engaging learning and working environment.

The University is affirmatively and continually working to enhance language access services for LEP persons to ensure that they will have meaningful access to essential University services and programs in areas that include health, safety, compliance, and student affairs. To this end, the University Language Access Committee, composed of members from the University System as well as each of the ten campuses, is charged with assessing the University’s areas of need and current resources and facilitating improvements to language assistance services.

Language Access Coordinators*

Campus Coordinator Position Email
UH Hilo Shaunda Makaimoku Compliance Officer, EEO/Title IX
UH Mānoa Dina Yoshimi Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures
UH MānoaCTAHR Emilie Kirk Assistant Extension Agent, CTAHR
UH MānoaCTAHR Jeff Goodwin Interim Associate Dean, CTAHR
UH Maui College Brian Moto Special Assistant to the Chancellor
UH West Oʻahu Beverly Baligad Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
UH West Oʻahu Jessica Miranda Director of Strategic Directions, Assessment, and Accreditation
Community College System Christine Chun Director of Compliance, EEO/AA, and Title IX, Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges
Hawaiʻi Community College Kesha Kubo Coordinator, Student Affairs-Information Center
Hawaiʻi Community College Christine Quintana Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Honolulu Community College Wayne Sunahara Interim Dean, Communications and Services Programs
Kapiʻolani Community College Jan Fried Interim Dean, Communications and Services Programs
Kauaʻi Community College Calvin Shirai Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Leeward Community College Tom Hirsbrunner Title IX Coordinator
Windward Community College Karen Cho Human Resources Manager

*All LAC Coordinators also serve as LAC Committee Members

Additional Language Access Committee Members

University of Hawaiʻi System

Brian Aune
Investigator and Compliance Officer
Compliance, EEO/AA, and Title IX, Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges

Debra Ishii
Assistant to the Senior Executive, President’s Office

Tamami Mohandie
Institutional Analyst, System EEO/AA Office

Keala Monaco
Executive Assistant, President’s Office

Corey Nakamoto
Lead Investigator, System EEO/AA Office

Jennifer Rose
Director, Office of Institutional Equity

Ryan Tanaka
CTE Educational Technology and Civil Rights Specialist
Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education

Dee Uwono
Director & Title IX Coordinator for University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Additional Information and Resources on Language Access

U.S. Department of Justice:

Hawaiʻi Office of Language Access:

To view the University of Hawaiʻi 2022-2024 Language Access Plan please see the link below:

Language Access Plan (PDF)

Last modified: January 30, 2023