The University of Hawaiʻi recognizes that university events and activities enhance the academic and co-curricular learning environment. This information is intended to assist event coordinators acting on behalf of the university in identifying, addressing and minimizing risks related to all activities occurring on and off university property. Academic activities should be reviewed in accordance with the appropriate academic review processes and may include Office of Risk Management review.


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    • Department of Public Safety/Campus Security
    • Environmental Health and Safety Office (if applicable)
    • First aid/Medical staff
    • Fire safety
    • Parking and transportation
    • Recycling and environmental services (restrooms, trash/recycling containers, clean-up plan)


  • External Users: Third party/non-university groups must provide proof of liability insurance when using university property.
    • External users who do not carry liability insurance may apply for special event liability coverage through the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP). A certificate of insurance can be generated through this process.
  • Contractors/Vendors: Vendors providing goods or services and exhibitors participating in both university-sponsored and non-university-sponsored events must provide proof of insurance that meets the university’s requirements.


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Last modified: August 22, 2017