Student Affairs

Student Affairs
2444 Dole St.
Bachman Annex 9, Room 5
Honolulu, HI 96822-2399

tel (808) 956-8753

University of Hawai‘i Student Caucus (UHSC)

Organized since Spring 1991, the University of Hawai‘i Student Caucus (UHSC) is the system wide association of all campus student governments, formally recognized by the university in spring 2003 through executive policy.

Composed of two voting delegates from the eleven campus student governments, UHSC serves to advocate collectively for the interests of students. The caucus affords student leaders the opportunity to communicate to university administration, state legislature, governor, and other offices, the needs and concerns of UH students on issues of particular concern.

Funded by an annual appropriation from the university administration, UHSC is provided organizational advising and program support by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

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