Our UH General Education Curriculum Design Team has been assembled, and we have a wonderful group of faculty representatives with an array of experience that will be part of the summer design work. We intend for the process to be transparent and interactive. Redesigning the general education curriculum will require extensive consultation and faculty approval.  As a result, we plan to take the following steps once the design team has completed its summer work.

We anticipate this collaborative process to take the entire academic year. When the design team’s initial proposal is released, it will be transmitted to the ten campus-wide faculty senates in accordance with both the letter and spirit of relevant policies (RP 1.210, RP 5.213, and section R-20 of the 2017-2021 UHPA-BOR contract). Each campus faculty senate will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on the initial proposed design for the design team to take into consideration for the final proposal. All campus faculty senates are encouraged to facilitate review, discussion, and feedback from the entire faculty of their respective campuses. For example, the Mānoa Senate Executive Committee intends to host a Mānoa Faculty Congress meeting on this issue.

Beginning in the Fall semester, Curriculum Design Team members will visit every College or Division on each campus. Members of the Curriculum Design Team will also meet with all Departments that express an interest in a meeting to hear the presentation and discuss the proposal. Departments can choose not to meet with the Curriculum Design Team, but an opportunity will be provided to do so. All general education committees/boards, including our four system-wide general education committees (Systemwide Foundations Committee, Systemwide Hawaiian, Asia/Pacific Issues Committee, Systemwide Committee on Written Communication, UH Systemwide Composition/Rhetoric Director’s Meetings) will also be consulted. At any time, faculty with comments or suggestions can email gedesign@hawaii.edu to provide direct input to the Curriculum Design Team. Based upon the department/division level consultation and feedback collected from consultations with the ten campus-wide faculty senates, the Curriculum Design Team will discuss and revise the proposal. 

Once a revised proposal has been developed, it will be again submitted to each campus-wide faculty senate for discussion and debate. Faculty senates will follow their own campus procedures (e.g. referral to their general education and/or curriculum committees, motions or resolutions, and voting) for final vote. 

Leading up to and during the summer institute:

  • Each campus faculty senate played a central role in choosing design team delegates from their campus.  
  • We established an email address, gedesign@hawaii.edu, where any questions or suggestions regarding the general education design process or the summer institute can be sent.
  • We issued a survey to all faculty and current undergraduate students, asking them to rank the top competencies they would like to see in a general education curriculum. The results of this survey will be posted on the website.
  • We have sought out additional faculty expertise as potential speakers for the design team work during July. 
  • We will publish daily updates on the design team work over the month of July.
Last modified: June 29, 2021