Since President Lassner first announced the formation of a General Education redesign effort, interest in the proposal the Design Team would produce has grown. The UH General Education Curriculum Design Team has now finished a draft proposal, which can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

Download the General Education Redesign Proposal Here

In starting this process, President Lassner charged the committee with creating a proposal that could accomplish the following principles:

  • To make the general education curriculum more understandable and efficient for students (fewer credits required) without diminishing its effectiveness.
  • To make administration of the curriculum less bureaucratic, reducing the work required by faculty to manage general education coherently across the UH System.
  • To design a curriculum that scaffolds learning throughout matriculation.
  • To design a curriculum that ensures the key 21st-century competencies and knowledge  necessary for all UH graduates to succeed in the workplace and society.
  • To emphasize an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to learning, with consideration of project- and problem-based learning.

We would like to emphasize that this proposal is intended to start the conversation about the new general education curriculum.  In addition to formal consultation through each campus Faculty Senate, we invite comments from the entire UH community. Here are the ways that feedback and comments are being solicited:

  1. The proposal has been distributed to all 10 campus faculty senates for debate, consideration, and recommendations for revisions, per our consultations plan.
  2. Please email general comments and specific recommendations to 
  3. We will collect anonymous feedback directly from any faculty, staff, student, or community member who would like to comment on the proposal.  Multiple responses are allowed. Here’s the link to the feedback form:
  4. If any department, division, college or school would also like to request a meeting with one or more design team members, please complete this form:
  5. One or more open town halls will be scheduled for discussion in the late fall and/or early spring semesters. These will be announced via UH announce.

General Education Curricular Redesign Proposal Overview

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Problems with the Existing GenEd

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Last modified: May 3, 2022