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Policy Memo Date Policy Memo Topic Policy Memo Content Signatory
April 19, 2024 Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment Guidance on the campus responsibilities related to the impending implementation of the new federal Financial Value Transparency and Gainful Employment rule (FVT/GE). Debora Halbert, VPAS
January 10, 2024 Abolishment of Add Drop Fee President Lassner approved the abolishment of the Add Drop fees for all campus and all terms effective immediately. Debora Halbert, VPAS
December 13, 2023 Change to Ethnicity and Race Data Collection In February 2022, the memorandum with subject Report on the Under-Represented Populations (URP) Committee Recommendations was distributed. A change has needed to be made to the recommendations related to URPs outlined in the February 2022 memo based on new information regarding the Liaison Admissions Application. Debora Halbert, VPAS
November 20, 2023 Participation Verification A breakdown of completion rates for Student Participation Verification in Coursework for the Fall 2023 semester. Debora Halbert, VPAS
July 26, 2023 Sunsetting of the Interstate Passport This memo is intended to provide clarification and guidance in light of the June 2023 announcement by the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) that it had made the decision to sunset the Interstate Passport at the end of the 2023 calendar year. Debora Halbert, VPAS
February 10, 2023 Consultation on Proposed Policy Changes Related to SCR 201 The proposed policy changes are being submitted for formal consultation with the Faculty Senates. Debora Halbert, VPAS
December 22, 2022 Reporting of Blended Course Sections An update on IRAPO practices for categorizing and reporting on instructional modalities, effective Fall 2023. Alan Rosenfeld, AVPAPP
June 15, 2022 Cross-Listed and Concurrent Classes for Summer 2022 Request for data to be in Banner by July 9, 2022. This information is needed for accurate reporting of official course registration data for accreditation purposes, program reviews, and other similar requests. Pearl Iboshi, Director of IRAPO
May 24, 2022 Guidance on Microcredentials This memo provides system-wide guidance on the creation and use of microcredentials that will allow for programmatic innovation while system and campus policies and processes are developed. Debora Halbert, VPAS
May 13, 2022 Follow-up to IDAP Changes Memo Dated February 23, 2022 This memo is a follow up to the IDAP changes memo dated February 23, 2022, which explained a change in the categorization of IDAP back to non-institutional starting Fall 2022. Debora Halbert, VPAS
April 20, 2022 Update on Part of Term and Consistent Start Dates This memo supports consistency across the University of Hawaiʻi System by standardizing part of term (POT) codes and establishing guidelines on scheduling classes within parts of term during both the academic year and summer sessions. Debora Halbert, VPAS

Hae Okimoto, AVPSA

April 5, 2022 HW (Health Waiver) Holds – Change in Procedures Change in procedures for using the Health Waiver (HW) hold. Hae Okimoto, AVPSA
December 13, 2021 UPR (Under-Represented Populations) Final Committee Recommendations The under-represented population (URP) committee has come up with its final recommendations. More information on URP can be found at: Pearl Iboshi, Director of IRAPO

Debora Halbert, AVPAPP

November 29, 2021 New Transfer Student Types Effective Fall 2022, two new student types will be used to identify transfer students. Hae Okimoto, AVPSA

Pearl Iboshi, Director of IRAPO

November 23, 2021 Adjustment of Registration Time for UH Internal Transfer Students and Returning Students Starting with Fall 2022, registration schedules at all UH campuses shall be adjusted to improve the priority for UH internal transfer and returning students. David Lassner, President
November 10, 2021 Participation Verification This memo requests the assistance of the Chancellors to help with increasing the number of course sections certified with a goal of 100% compliance in the upcoming semesters. Debora Halbert, AVPAPP

Hae Okimoto, AVPSA

May 7, 2021 Instructional Method Codes This memo updates and creates new instructional method (IM) definitions and codes. Hae Okimoto, AVPSA
April 12, 2021 Three-Year Academic Calendar 2021-2024 Approval of UH Academic Calendar for Fall 2021 through Summer 2024. David Lassner, President
March 23, 2021 Accepting Interstate Passport Awards from Non-UH Colleges Clarification on how to provide credit for completed Passports from Non-UH Network member institutions, especially those where quarter credit calculations mean there may be a difference in credit hours. For more information, please go to Debora Halbert, AVPAPP

Hae Okimoto, AVPSA

November 5, 2020 New and Revised State Authorization Regulations Effective July 1, 2020 The requirements encompass a broad array of areas, including state licensure reciprocity requirements for providing distance education, the determination of a student’s location and related institutional policies, disclosures about institutional transfer credit policies, as well as disclosures about academic programs that lead to state licensure or certification (for both in person and distance education students), etc. Debora Halbert, AVPAPP

Hae Okimoto, AVPSA

July 14, 2020 Tuition Rates for Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) approved the University of Hawaiʻi’s proposal to allow institutions to charge up to 150% of resident tuition for WRGP eligible graduate programs. Don Straney, VPAPP
July 10, 2020 Early College Classes During the Fall 2020 Term In an effort to protect the health and safety of UH instructors teaching Early College classes and high school students participating in these classes, the University of Hawaiʻi will offer all Fall 2020 Early College classes online. Don Straney, VPAPP
June 24, 2020 Prerequisite and Transfer Guidance for COVID-19 CR/NC Courses In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Executive Policy (EP) 5.211 was created to give students the opportunity to opt into a CR/NC grading option for select classes in the Spring 2020 semester. Don Straney, VPAPP
June 23, 2020 Coding Course Formats for Fall 2020 Intended to create uniformity in how courses will be coded in Banner of Fall 2020 as faculty plan for a range of possible teaching formats. Don Straney, VPAPP
June 8, 2020 Clarifying Spring 2020 Academic Actions To remedy the variable implementation of the CR/NC process, the following shall be implemented:
1. Students who did not take advantage of the opportunity to choose NC to replace a low grade are subject to any academic actions that result from their letter grades.
2. To remedy any errors in student choice of grades vs. CR/NC, a student may request an exception to change to CR/NC due to an academic action taken for Spring 2020 using existing campus exception processes.
3. If a campus has not imposed academic actions for Spring 2020, this may be treated the same as having granted an exception to the student. A separate appeal will not be necessary. However, students will be held to normal academic action policies for future terms.
Don Straney, VPAPP
June 24, 2019 2019 UHCC Transfer Study Formulation of a team to conduct a UHCC transfer study in Summer and Fall 2019. Requesting nomination for people to interview Don Straney, VPAPP
August 23, 2017 Placement Policy Using 11th Grade Smarter Balanced Assessment Results for College Mathematics and English Placement
(Earlier Memos from March 31, 2015)
The use of Smarter Balanced was approved by the Chief Academic Officers and the Senior Student Affairs Officers. Policy is in effect beginning in 2019. Please contact Stephen Schatz ( for more information. Don Straney, VPAPP
August 28, 2015 Changes to the Associate of Science in Natural Science (ASNS) Degree Change descriptions at various CCs to better track students in STEM fields. Risa Dickson, VPAA
July 11, 2014 Change to the Credits that define class standing effective Fall 2015. With approval by CCAO and CSSAO credit changes indicating class standing are changed. Joanne Itano, Interim Executive VPAA
July 8, 2014 STAR as the Official Arbiter of degree completion effective Fall 2015 STAR will be the definitive source for determining degree completion effective Fall 2015. All campuses must work to implement this policy. David Lassner, President
Last modified: April 22, 2024
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