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Imperative Two: Meet Hawaiʻi Workforce Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Goal: Eliminate workforce shortages in Hawaiʻi while preparing students for a future different than the present.

  1. UH will prepare professionals to fulfill statewide needs in occupations that are essential to community well-being: education, health, technology, skilled trades and sustainability/resilience.
  2. UH will increase non-traditional offerings that eliminate barriers of time, place, and pace for those seeking upskilling or career change opportunities.
  3. UH will partner with employers to ensure the necessary preparation and support for students to succeed in their careers.
  4. UH will prepare all its graduates for life-long learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sample metrics: Eliminate/reduce workforce shortages in key
sectors/occupations (e.g., teacher shortage); Increase number of graduates from fully online and adult-focused credential programs; Increase participation in work-based learning (e.g., internships).

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  1. Love this implementation into the strategic plan! Great job everyone, It gets better every time!

  2. I like this imperative and its intentions. We need UH to support this effort desperately.
    Hopefully, UH can work/partner with employers to convince them to help cover tuition costs for those students who decide to enter professions in major shortage areas, such as teaching and early childhood education.

  3. Agree, I like this imperative as well. Aside from addressing shortages and building for lifelong learning, the way to also look at supporting this imperative is to address the barriers of time, place and pace and partnering with employers to support students which could support their workplace too – a win-win. Being able to offer options for students, especially for those in areas like the neighbor islands and in places where the traffic to get to campus is a barrier, to me, could go a long way toward supporting the student success imperative too.

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Last modified: October 19, 2022
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