[174C-58] Revocation of permits. After a hearing, the commission may suspend or revoke a permit for:

(1) Any materially false statement in the application for the water permit, a modification of a permit term, or any materially false statement in any report or statement of fact required of the user pursuant to this part.

(2) Any wilful violation of any condition of the permit.

(3) Any violation of any provision of this chapter.

(4) Partial or total nonuse, for reasons other than conservation, of the water allowed by the permit for a period of four continuous years or more. The commission may permanently revoke the permit as to the amount of water not in use unless the user can prove that the user's nonuse was due to extreme hardship caused by factors beyond the user's control. The commission and the permittee may enter into a written agreement that, for reasons satisfactory to the commission, any period of nonuse may not apply towards the four-year revocation period. Any period of nonuse which is caused by a declaration of water shortage pursuant to section 174C-62 shall not apply towards the four-year period of forfeiture.

The commission may cancel a permit, permanently and in whole, with the written consent of the permittee. [L 1987, c 45, pt of 2]

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