174C-68 Water quality plan. (a) The department of health shall formulate a state water quality plan for all existing and potential sources of drinking water and that plan shall become part of the Hawaii water plan described in part III. Requirements for the plan shall be governed by chapters 340E and 342. The state water quality plan shall include water quality criteria for the designation of ground water management areas and surface water management areas pursuant to section 174C-44 and 174C-45.

(b) The state water quality plan shall be periodically reviewed and revised by the department of health as needed.

(c) In formulating or revising the state water quality plan, the department of health shall consult with and carefully evaluate the recommendations of concerned federal, state, and local agencies, particularly county water supply agencies.

(d) The department of health may ban the importation into this State of any substances which the department of health reasonably believes may present a danger to the water quality of this State. [L 1987, c 45, pt of 2; am L 1999, c 197, 11]

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