[174C-85] Well completion report. Within thirty days after the completion of the well, the well driller and pump installation contractor shall file with the commission a written report containing such information prescribed by the commission, including, as appropriate: the depth, thickness, and character of the different strata penetrated and the location of water-bearing strata; the date of completion of the well; the length, size, and weight of the casing and a description of the placement of the casing; the size of the drilled hole; where the well is sealed off; the type of seal; the number of cubic feet per second or gallons per minute of flow from the well; the pressure in pounds per square inch, if a flowing well, and the static water level and water temperature, if a nonflowing well; and a chemical analysis of a water sample drawn from the well. [L 1987, c 45, pt of 2]

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