[174C-86] Well construction and pump installation standards. (a) The commission shall adopt minimum standards for the construction of wells and the installation of pumps and pumping equipment. The standards shall be such as to ensure the safe and sanitary maintenance and operation of wells, the prevention of waste, and the prevention of contamination of the waters. The minimum standards for well construction shall include the criteria for well location and the procedures for grouting, sealing, capping, and plugging wells. They shall also provide for the installation of devices to measure the amount of ground water being withdrawn from the wells. The minimum standards for the installation of pumps and pumping equipment shall include the required equipment characteristics and construction.

(b) If any well construction or pump installation standard is violated and as a consequence ground water is wasted or any well is contaminated, the commission, after giving notice of the defect to the owner of the land on which the well is located and giving such owner a reasonable time to correct the defect, may itself correct the defect and charge the landowner for the cost of such correction. Such cost constitutes a lien on the land until paid. The lien may be foreclosed in any court of competent jurisdiction, and in such foreclosure suit, the court shall allow the commission reasonable attorney's fees. [L 1987, c 45, pt of 2]

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