The APT broadband salary schedule is negotiated with the exclusive representative and is used to determine salary placement within the broadband system.

The salary placement of APT new hires is commensurate with relevant education and training, years and quality of relevant experience and other qualifications. Based on the assessment of credentials by the dean/director, the vice president/chancellor is authorized to approve the salary placement.

Special compensation adjustments may be authorized for APT employees when appropriate, justified and funding is available.

APT employees may be recognized for performing more complex assignments that reflect the same band, for increased competencies, for exceptional performance, etc. The following mechanisms have been established to provide supervisors the ability to provide additional compensation to APT employees when justified, funded and authorized by the approving authority. Learn more about the different mechanisms in the Summary of APT Compensation Adjustment Types (UH Login required).

  • Equity – to correct a salary inequity situation of APT employees in similar or comparable positions of the same or similar career group, same or lower band and same specialization with similar duties and responsibilities, and filled by employees that possess similar experiences and qualifications
  • In-Grade Adjustment for growth in job – to recognize an employee’s new assignment of work that is significant but continues to reflect the same band
  • In-Grade Adjustment for increased competencies – to recognize a significant increase in an employee’s competencies (skills, knowledge and abilities)
  • Performance Award – to recognize an employee’s exceptional performance during the past evaluation period. Employees that receive an overall “Exceptional” performance rating may be eligible for a one-time lump-sum performance bonus.
  • Rebanding – to recognize an employee’s new assignment of work that represents a change in position concept (character and complexity of work have increased in terms of nature, variety and difficulty) and now reflects a higher band
  • Retention – to retain a highly skilled APT employee that received a bona fide job offer from a non-UH employer
  • Temporary Assignment – to temporarily assign an employee to perform another position’s work that is still required and the employee is capable of performing