Eligible employees on Oʻahu may purchase a bus pass, handi-van coupons, or vRide (formerly known as vanpool Hawaiʻi) voucher through payroll deduction before federal, State and FICA taxes are computed. To participate in this program, employees must meet the following criteria:

  • Eligible to participate in the State of Hawaiʻi Employees Retirement System;
  • Live and work on Oʻahu;
  • Do not have a pre-tax parking payroll deduction in a university-controlled lot.
  • May enroll anytime during the year.

Each Campus is responsible for administering its parking policies and procedures. Please refer to your respective campus website for information. Eligible employees that park in areas under the jurisdiction of the University of Hawaiʻi and are assessed a semi-monthly parking fee via payroll deduction may voluntarily participate in this plan. Parking fees are deducted on a pre-tax basis. At this time, only Mānoa employees have a semi-monthly parking fee via payroll deduction. Employees may contact their HR Representative for more information on how to enroll.