• Civil Service positions include a variety of occupations relating to clerical, library support, property protection, nursing, general labor, custodial, trades, and equipment operation. The System Office of Human Resources is delegated authority to classify civil service positions.
  • The State Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) maintains the Class Specifications and Minimum Qualification Requirements and Compensation Plan for the State of Hawaiʻi.


  • The hiring pay rate is the minimum or entry rate of the salary range assigned to the class. While the salary range assignment (i.e., SR08, BC02) is determined by DHRD, the rate of pay an employee receives is subject to collective bargaining.
  • The civil service salary schedules are negotiated with the respective exclusive representatives.
  • Civil service employees may be eligible for additional compensation.
    • Reallocation – to recognize the change in duties and responsibilities assigned to a position that moves the position from one class to another class; employee shall receive additional compensation if position is assigned to a class with a higher pay range
    • Step Movement – in accordance with the respective collective bargaining agreement, an employee at a step below the maximum step of the pay range may be eligible for a step movement on the step movement date; requires employee to complete the minimum number of years of satisfactory creditable service
    • Temporary Assignment – to temporarily assign an employee to perform another position’s work that is still required and the employee is capable of performing