• The executive/managerial (EM) employees have system wide, campus wide or major campus program responsibility or serve as heads of major organizational segments of the University.
  • The EM Classification and Compensation Plan is comprised of academic and non-academic classes by campuses. Each class specification summarizes the major responsibilities of positions assigned to the class.

EM Classification and Compensation Plan

Class Class Code Band Acad/Non-Acad
Academic Program Officer S125 SM1 A
Administrative Program Officer S150 SM1, SM2 N
Assistant to Senior Executive GM165 CC1, H1, SM1, WO1 N
Associate Director of Human Resources S145 N
Associate Vice President GE104 CC4, SM3 A/N
Chancellor GE102 CC4, H4, SM5, WO4 A
Director of Academic Personnel Administration S130 A
Director of Applied Research Laboratory S112 SM2 N
Director of Project Delivery S162 SM2 N
Director of Energy Management S157 SM1 N
Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action S235 SM2 N
Director of Financial Management and Controller S173 SM3 N
Director of Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education S120 SM2 N
Director of Information Technology S123 SM2 N
Director of Innovation and Commercialization S108 SM2 N
Director of Institutional Equity S240 SM2 N
Director of Institutional Research and Analysis S122 SM2 N
Director of Internal Audit S135 SM2 N
Director of International Affairs S225 N
Director of Land Development S160 SM2 N
Director of Research Compliance S174 SM2 A
Director of Research Services S175 SM2 N
Director of Risk Management S213 SM1 N
Director of University Budget S185 SM2 N
Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents S195 SM2 N
Executive Assistant to the Board of Regents S200 SM1 N
Institutional Equity Officer S245 SM1 N
President S100 SM5
State Director for Career and Technical Education S190 SM1 A
System Director of Human Resources S140 SM3 N
Title IX Coordinator GM170 SM1 N
University and Community Relations Program Officer S224 SM1 N
University Assistant General Counsel S117 N
University Associate General Counsel S116 SM1 N
University Staff Counsel S118 N
Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy S106 SM4 A
Vice President for Administration S165 SM4 N
Vice President for Budget and Finance/Chief Financial Officer S167 SM4 N
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer S124 SM4 N
Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel S115 SM4 N
Vice President for Research and Innovation S109 SM4 A

Revised: June 2016

Class Class Code Grade Exec/Mgrl Acad/Non-Acad
Administrative Affairs Program Officer UHM159 M N
Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor, UHM UHM310 SM1 M N
Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services UHM196 SM1 M N
Assistant Athletic Director-Senior Woman Administrator UHM191 SM2 M N
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs UHM160 M A
Assistant Dean of Student Services UHM161 SM1, SM2 M N
Assistant Director, HITAHR UHM305 M A
Assistant University Librarian UHM177 SM1 M A
Assistant Vice Chancellor, UHM UHM133 M A/N
Associate Athletic Director UHM199 SM2 M N
Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs UHM155 M N
Associate Dean of Student Services UHM136 SM2 M N
Associate Dean, UHM UHM150 SM2, SM3 M A
Associate Director of Research Institute UHM215 SM3 M A
Associate University Librarian UHM175 SM2 M A
Associate Vice Chancellor, UHM UHM132 SM3 M A/N
Chief Financial Officer, JABSOM UHM157 SM4 M N
County Administrator, CTAHR UHM307 SM1 M A
Dean and Director for Research and Cooperative Extension (UHM) UHM146 SM4 E A
Dean, UHM UHM145 SM3, SM4, SM5 E A
Director and Publisher of the University Press UHM185 SM1 M N
Director of Administrative Services UHM156 SM1 M N
Director of Athletics UHM190 SM4 M N
Director of Campus Services UHM115 SM2 M N
Director of Facilities, Grounds and Safety UHM111 M N
Director of Hawaii State Center for Nursing UHM158 SM1 M N
Director of Lyon Arboretum UHM128 SM2 M A
Director of Planning and Project Development UHM154 SM2 M N
Director of Public Affairs, UHM UHM312 M N
Director of Research Institute UHM210 SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5 E/M A
Director of State Aquarium UHM127 SM2 M N
Director of Student Affairs UHM126 SM1 M N
Research Program Officer UHM230 SM1 M A
University Academic Affairs Program Officer (UHM) UHM117 SM1 M A
University Librarian UHM170 SM3 M A
Vice Chancellor, UHM UHM131 SM4 E A/N

Revised: September 2013

Class Class Code Grade Exec/Mgrl Acad/Non-Acad
Academic Program Officer (UHWO)  UHWO120 M A
Associate Vice Chancellor (UHWO)  UHWO110 WO2 M A
Vice Chancellor (UHWO)  UHWO105 WO3 E A/N
  • The University President is responsible for adopting EM Salary Schedules that set forth the compensation structure for all EM Personnel. Four (4) distinct salary schedules have been established for the following jurisdictions: System/Mānoa, Hilo, West Oʻahu and Community Colleges.
  • Each salary schedule consists of pay bands organized by rank and reporting structure. Each band has a minimum and maximum salary range, as well as a midpoint. When setting the salary range for each band, the following are considered: relevant competitive market rates in both higher education and local industry, responsibility of the positions, equity in relation to comparable University positions, and value of the class in fulfilling the strategic mission of the University.
  • To ensure that EM salaries are competitive, salary adjustments may be granted based on merit and subject to availability of Board-authorized funds.