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University Employee Benefits
Booklet - Summary of Employee Benefits for University Employees
Summary Sheet - Employee Benefits for University Employees hired before July 1, 2012
Summary Sheet - Employee Benefits for University Employees hired after June 30, 2012
Employee Benefit Contact List
Transportation Benefit Program
Forms, Information and Web Site 01-18-09
Employees Assistance Program
Informational Flyer
WorkLife Hawai'i Website
Employee Newsletter
Supervisor Newsletter
25 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
Manage Stress Right Now
School's Out! - SUMMER Tips
Employees' Retirement System
Employees' Retirement System Web Site and Publications
Employees Retirement System Holomua Newsletter
MEMO: New Employer Rates 03-01-13
MEMO: Act 163 Changes to Retirement Benefits for Employees Hired after 6/30/12 10-31-11
MEMO: Act 163 New Eligibility Requirements for New Hires 10-04-11
MEMO: Act 179 Employment of ERS Retirants 07-07-11
Lecturer Hour Conversion Matrix 07-21-03
MEMO: Servicemen's Act 11-29-08
MEMO: Unenrolled members of the ERS 06-19-07
MEMO: Retirement Group and Class Code Tables 02-16-12
MEMO: Request for Membership Information 05-18-07
MEMO: Personnel Action Forms 11-29-08
MEMO: Breakdown for Retroactive Pay 11-29-08
Retirement Counseling Session Schedule
ERS Contribution while on Workers' Compensation 03-06-07
Non-Tax Qualified Pension Benefit 06-09-05
Federal Tax Limit on Pension Compensation for EMPLOYEES
Federal Tax Limit on Pension Compensation for EMPLOYERS
ERS Contributions on Lump Sum Vacation Pay-Out 02-02-07
Hiring Reference Guide 01-31-12
Return to Work of Former Member with Original Membership prior to July 1, 2012 06-15-12
Return to Work of Former Member with Original Membership after June 30, 2012 06-15-12
Social Security
Social Security How to Apply Online For Retirement Benefits
Social Security - When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits
Social Security How to Use the Online Retirement Estimator
Flexible Spending Account
Link to Comprehensive Financial Planning, Inc. Web Site
Island Flex Participant Account Access
Claim Form
Island Flex Flyer 03-01-07
Health Benefits - Hawai'i Employee-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF)
EUTF web site
ACA General Information
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Notice of Coverage Options
Common Qualifying Events That Allow Enrollment Changes
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Rules
Rates and Contributions
2013 Reference Guide
HI529 - Hawaii's College Savings Program
HI529 Web Site 07-25-14
HI529 Brochure 04-14-09
Life Insurance - Royal State National Insurance Co., LTD
Royal State Insurance Web Site 08-07-13
Beneficiary Designation/Change Form 08-07-13
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 08-07-13
Leaves Immediately After An Authorized LWOP 12-31-97
Military Leave
MEMO: Special Benefits for ERS Members on Military Leave without Pay 08-27-07
Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) of 1994 07-10-96
What You May Need to Know About Your Benefits When You Go On Military Leave 11-06-06
Part-Time, Temporary & Seasonal/Casual (PTS)
PTS Plan Participant Account Access 01-30-09
MEMO - PTS Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan (DAGS)
Q&A Supplement #1
PTS Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan Information Booklet
DHRD Director's Letter for PTS Booklet
Enrollment Form
Administrative Distribution Form
Premium Conversion Plan (PCP)
Election Change Form 01-04-11
Employee Brochure 04-01-14
Domestic Partnership Acknowledgement Form and Reference Chart 01-04-11
Retirement - 403(b) & 457 Programs
Vacation Pay Deferral Program 02-10-09
403(b) & 457 Comparison 08-07-12
403(b) Tax-Deferred Annuity Program 08-08-07
457 Deferred Compensation Plan
Island Savings Plan 07-30-13
Enrollment Form 11-20-14
Beneficiary Designation Form 07-30-13
Payroll Schedule 12-04-13
Vacation Payout Program Forms 01-31-12
Retirement and Service Awards
Processing of Final Documents for Retirees 03-09-98
Employee Service & Retirement Awards 01-01-98
Order Service and Retiree Recognition Awards 11-13-02
Safety Shoes
Safety Toe Shoes Policy 02-01-10
Roles and Responsibilites 02-01-10
Hazard Assessment - Foot Protection Form 02-01-10
Safety Shoes Purchase Authorization 02-01-10
Purchase Authorization Form 02-01-10
Purchasing Instructions 02-01-10
Safety Shoes Allowance Schedule 02-01-10
Safety Shoe Vendors List 02-01-10
Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB)
Link to Risk Management Website
Tuition Waiver
Employee Tuition Waiver 05-27-08
Employee Declaration of Marital Status or Domestic Partnership 05-27-08
Workers' Compensation (WC)
Link to Risk Management Website
Other Benefits
Termination of US Savings Bond Program 07-25-14

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