Employees of the University of Hawaiʻi fall into one (1) of four (4) distinct categories of employment:
  • Executive/Managerial
  • Faculty
  • Administrative, Professional and Technical
  • Civil Service

  • The executive/managerial (E/M) employees have system wide, campus wide or major campus program responsibility or serve as heads of major organizational segments of the University.
  • Most E/M positions are assigned to one (1) of five (5) pay grades based on comparable scope and complexity of work. Positions are further assigned to a pay range in consideration of market data.
  • The E/M salary schedule is approved by the President.
  • The E/M appointments are approved by the Vice President, Chancellor, President or Board of Regents.

  • The faculty classification plan consists of seven (7) general categories with ranks within each category: instructional, researcher, specialist, librarian, extension agent, graduate teaching/research assistant, and lecturer.
  • The minimum annual salary for faculty is outlined in the Unit 7 agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii.
  • Starting salaries are determined by the hiring unit and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT)
  • The administrative, professional and technical (APT) positions include professional, non-faculty type positions that require a baccalaureate degree such as research associates, educational specialists, administrative officers, auxiliary and facilities services officers, and human resources specialists.
  • The APT positions are assigned to one (1) of four (4) pay bands based on work complexity and scope of responsibility.
  • The APT salary schedule is negotiated with the exclusive representative.  The APT broadband salary schedule is used to determine salary placement within the broadband system.
  • Salary assignment is commensurate with relevant training, education, experience and other qualifications.

Civil Service
  • Civil service positions include a variety of occupations relating to clerical, library support, property protection, nursing, medical support, labor, custodial, trades, and equipment operation.
  • The hiring pay rate is the minimum or entry rate of the salary range assigned to the class. While the salary range assignment (i.e., SR08, BC02) is determined by the State Department of Human Resources Development, the rate of pay an employee receives is subject to collective bargaining.
  • The civil service salary schedules are negotiated with the respective unions