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The following are "roles" in Leave. Many people play multiple roles - knowing your role will make it easier to understand how to use the Leave system.

Basic Roles Primary Function
Employee Create/submit a leave request
Supervisor Approve an employee's leave request
Personnel Officer Oversees leave information for their unit or department

The following "delegated roles" are set up via the Profiler application.

Delegated Roles Primary Function
Preparer May create/submit leave requests on an Employee's behalf. Preparers are delegated to from one employee to another.
Backup Approver Approves employee leave requests on behalf of a Supervisor. Backup Approvers are delegated to by a Supervisor for a specific window of dates.
Alternate Approver Approves employee leave requests on behalf of a vacant supervisory position. Alternate Approvers are delegated to by Personnel Officers for a specific window of dates.

Process Overview

System / Application Description & How it Impacts Leave
1.  PeopleSoft The source system of personnel information. Personnel transactions must be processed in PeopleSoft so accurate employee and accrual information is reflected in Leave.

Also the source system for supervisory information, based on:

  • Position Panel has a ReportsTo field which contains the Supervisor's position number.
  • Job Data Panel has a Supervisor UH Number field which contains the UH Number of the Supervisor. Used only for generic position numbers since the position number cannot be mapped to one person.
2.  HR Data Warehouse Updated from PeopleSoft nightly. The Leave system and Profiler retrieves information from the HR Data Warehouse (instead of hitting the production PeopleSoft system directly).

  • PSEMPL table contains people and position data.
  • HR_CURR_EMPL_SUPV_TBL table contains a 5-tier supervisory hierarchy which is used to determine the supervisor responsible for approving a specific leave request, as well as the chain of command up four levels.
3.  Profiler Developed by ITS to consolidate user profile information in one place, to minimize duplication of data across numerous web applications. Profiler is where employees can electronically delegate to other users:
  • Employees may set up Preparers to create leave requests on their behalf.
  • Supervisors may set up Backup Approvers to sign employee leave requests on their behalf when they're unavailable.
  • Personnel Officers may set up Alternate Approvers for supervisory positions that are vacant.
Profiler defines Personnel Officer (PO) Groups. Personnel Officers have specific duties regarding employee leave - setting up PO Groups allows for PO's to have access to all leave data within their jurisdiction (dept or unit).

Profiler allows users to view their supervisory hierarchy within the HR Data Warehouse, so they know who their leave requests will route to.

4.  Leave New application that allows employees to sign out for leave electronically, provides up-to-date balances, and includes electronic routing and approvals.

This new system depends on accurate personnel information from PeopleSoft - a nightly job will extract all PeopleSoft transactions that affect accruals. A new accrual program will then run to update leave balances so users have the most up-to-date information. Note: While Workflow handles the "routing" of leave requests, the actual "approval" of a leave request is within the Leave system.

This new system replaces the UH Form 1 (paper-based leave form), monthly keypunching of leave data, manual work involved with sorting and distributing leave cards and reports back to the departments, and will also replace the accrual program that currently runs on the mainframe.

5.  Rice / Workflow New application that allows for electronic routing of documents. The Workflow interface will only be used by those with approving authority such as Supervisors, Backup and Alternate Approvers. Employees who only submit leave requests will not interface with Workflow.
  • Contains the Action List of leave requests that require approval.
  • Email notification settings for document routing.
Note: Rice is the foundation of Kuali (which include applications such as KFS - Kuali Financial System and KC - Kuali Coeus). The Rice application was developed by the Kuali consortium, only certain parts were customized by ITS to work with internal UH applications such as Leave and Profiler.

What a User Can Do Based on Role and Application

Role Profiler Application Leave Application Rice/Workflow Application

  • Create a profile and provide current email address for leave notifications
  • Setup Preparers so other people can create leave requests on your behalf
  • Authorize others to edit your profile
  • View own supervisory hierarchy which determines routing of leave requests
  • Create/submit leave requests
  • View historical leave requests
  • View current leave balances
  • View work schedule


  • View list of employees who designated you to be their Preparer
  • If granted access to edit a user's profile, the Preparer may also set up Back Approvers for those in a Supervisory role

Preparers can do everything an Employee can do, on behalf of that employee (see cell above)


  • May designate a Backup Approver so staff leave requests are automatically routed to the backup for a specific window of dates
  • Approve staff leave requests
  • View staff leave history
  • View staff leave balances
  • Edit staff work schedules
  • Receives email notification when a leave request requires his/her approval
  • Login, go to the Action List, select leave request to approve (subsequently is redirected to the specific leave request in the Leave system)

Backup Approver
  • View Supervisors they are Backup Approvers for
  • Approve leave requests on behalf of a Supervisor

Backup Approvers are temporarily carrying out the duties of a Supervisor (see cell above)

Alternate Approver
  • View vacant positions they are Alternate Approvers for
  • Approve leave requests on behalf of a supervisory position that's currently vacant

Alternate Approvers are temporarily carrying out the duties of a supervisory position (see cell above)

Personnel Officer
  • Manage own Personnel Officer (PO) Group, i.e. may add/change group membership and set EAC access for each member
  • Manage Alternate Approvers for vacant positions

Has access to all employees by EAC, so may do the following on behalf of employees within their department/unit:
  • Create / submit leave requests which bypasses supervisory approval
  • View employee leave history
  • View employee leave balances
  • Edit employee work schedules
  • Has access to additional PO functions regarding leave


  • Establishes Personnel Officer (PO) groups, determines the Lead PO for the group, sets group access based on EAC